Monday, March 22, 2010

Feminism & mind games

I don't know where to start on this pressing issue so I will avoid skirting around the topic and get straight to it. I have never been much of a feminist growing up yet in recent times I couldn't help but notice certain male patterns of belittling, degrading, demeaning, condescending, patronizing and invalidating females, especially self-proclaimed feminists or females who happen to notice and speak out against such behavior.

Despite having been ill-treated by male family members I somehow managed not to over-generalize regarding all men. Yet it soon became evident that there was a certain pattern dominant among males from all different walks of life I have stumbled across whereby there is a hostile air towards their female counterparts. They appear to have a pleasant demeanor, to possess 'unfaltering' logic at all times, and to 'never make decisions based on their emotions'. Apparently that is what they accuse us of and should we attempt to correct that misconception we are ridiculed and our arguments are then invalidated, which only adds to our fury and vexation. That is the point where is seems apparent to others that we are, in fact, 'emotional', 'irrational' beings, further reaffirming all the other accusations kindly thrown at us by the aforementioned 'ever logical', 'ever rational', 'always calm and composed' males whom are obviously never swayed by feelings nor emotions, for they are immune to such tripe.

I believe this, aside from domestic violence and direct human rights violations against females, is among the issues of importance on which I would like to shed light. Moreover, I believe it is this type of behavior (demeaning , invalidating and discriminatory) which more often than not frustrates females and/or feminists around the globe.